UCL Injuries are a great concern to baseball programs at all levels, from the youth level up to the major leagues. We as coaches are always looking for more information to better serve our athletes. Chuck Wolf and the Clean Pitching Protection System (CPPS) have identified some key areas that we as strength coaches, can focus on, and address in our off-season performance programs. We are eager to try the Clean Pitching Protection System. We are grateful that Chuck Wolf and Spark Motion have developed a digestible program that can be implemented at the early stages of learning this great game of baseball.


I had Tommy John surgery prior to turning pro.  By working with Chuck Wolf, I learned I had limitations in body movements that caused me to develop compensations and throwing patterns that increased the risk of injury.
Using the Cleaning Pitching Protection System has allowed me to assess my pitching motion and develop a more efficient approach to throwing.  Additionally, CPPS has shown me strategies to maintain my mobility and strength and I can reference this app easily and often.
This approach has made a big difference for me to advance to the highest level in professional baseball.

My son is a high school pitcher and had Tommy John surgery early into his junior year baseball season.  Through evaluation using the CPPS app and working with Chuck and his team, my son was able to identify his throwing faults that increased the risk of elbow injury.  Additionally, using the mobility and stability exercises along with the throwing drills to  make throwing more efficient and reduce the risk of injury, my son’s throwing mechanics have become more fluid and throws with greater velocity with less effort. I highly recommend the Clean Pitching Protection System.